District Goals

Alpine School/District Goals


1. Developing and establishing a program that will support each student in “Total Wellness”.

2. Monitor and revise curriculum to ensure that it has rigor and is compliant with all the QSAC 2018 criteria for modifications and 21st Life Skills.

3. To develop fiscal management protocols with cost saving and revenue generating opportunities included to meet the needs of our district and school.

4. Strategies to Promote Student Success: Implement strategies to engage students in their learning and interventions to eliminate barriers to student success.

5. Develop and prioritize a 5 Year Strategic Facilities Plan of projects that will ensure the safety of our students and the upkeep of our school. In this plan will be a fiscal way to provide the resources needed to complete scheduled projects.

6. Increase opportunities for all students to be enriched and/or remediated so that all students can achieve at their highest levels.