Maureen McCann, MA


I originally came to the Alpine School District as a third grade teacher in 2001 with 21 years of experience teaching and curriculum writing. In 2005 I began serving the district as Supervisor of Support Services. With this title came many different responsibilities, the major area being that of Curriculum Coordinator. I worked with the teachers to create and update the curriculum in all subject areas including Enrichment and Gifted and Talented. One of my responsibilities was to plan and coordinate special activities and programs to benefit our entire school community. I had the unique position of being allowed to do my first love which is teaching on a regular basis. I not only got to be an administrator for the district, but I got the opportunity to work with the children in an instructional capacity on a daily basis. All of this has prepared me to take on the role of an Elementary Principal. After having completed five years as Alpine's Principal I look forward to using my experiences to take on the combined role of Superintendent/Principal. Each year as been an ongoing learning experience. Alpine School has a rich history of academic and cultural excellence that is the direct result of the partnership between the administration, teachers, support staff, parents, and community who have provided our students with a diverse set of experiences that allows each student to become an active learner. I look forward to continuing my role as an instructional leader for the district which means that I will continue setting clear goals to promote growth in student learning, allocating resources to instruction, managing the curriculum, monitoring lesson plans, and evaluating teachers. Instructional quality will remain the top priority of the entire school community.

Before coming to Alpine I worked in districts in Essex, Hudson, and Bergen Counties as an Elementary teacher in various grade levels. I received a BA in Elementary Education and am certified as a teacher of English K-12 and Elementary Teacher K-8. As a primary classroom teacher I realized the importance of Literacy to all areas of instruction and went back to school for my MA in Reading. I often worked on curriculum committees and planned and wrote curriculum in many subject areas for the districts I served. I have earned a second Masters Degree in Educational Administration and Leadership. I guess you could say that I am proving that learning never ceases to be of importance and is the foundation of our lives.

Tel. 201-768-8255 ext. 1111