• Alpine Golf- 2019 Season 
       The start of the spring golf season will largely be determined by the severity of the winter season.  A decision will be made in March as to when practices will begin. 
      Practices will be held at - Closter Driving Range 150 Homans Ave Closter -When we are allowed to use local golf courses you will be notified of times/locations Any questions please contact Mr. Rohrbeck:   Rohrbeck@alpineschool.org or Mr. Lockwood:  Lockwood@alpineschool.org
     April Practice Dates* Subject to change if course availability becomes available.
    May Practice Dates *Subject to change if course availability becomes available.
    On course dates:
    After Memorial Day we are usually on The Bergen County Golf Course in Rockleigh.  Once that meeting is held and attended by coaches, those dates will be sent home to check for availability, as will any Private Course dates that we may be lucky enough to receive. 
Last Modified on September 21, 2018