• Building A Better Tomorrow will raise the private funds needed to guarantee the future of exceptional education and learning experiences that the Alpine School has been known to provide.


    The Alpine School has been severely impacted by New Jersey's school financing laws, which make it harder than ever to manage annual operating budgets, let alone modernize and upgrade the facility. Despite the financial strength of the Alpine community and the academic excellence of our school. The Alpine School suffers from insufficient resources. The middle school wing and the library have not been renovated in more than 40 years; the school lacks a dedicated cafeteria or auditorium, nor does it have a specialized music, arts facility or gymnasium seating; and the list goes on…


    As part of our vision of A Better Tomorrow for Alpine’s future generations the foundation is spearheading a capital campaign to update the facility and provide the school with these essential elements.  A major highlight of the capital improvement plan is a construction of a “Cafetorium”: a combination of a cafeteria and an auditorium.


    While a dedicated cafeteria is only used for a limited time each day and an auditorium is typically only used for the occasional large group function, a cafetorium serves these two critical functions in an efficient use of limited resources. The newly constructed cafetorium will include one-piece lunch tables and stools that fold flat into the walls, elevated stage and portable, tiered seating providing good visibility of all areas of the stage.


    The varied uses of this space will release other areas of the school facility for classroom and other purposes. Dedicated rooms that meet special needs will comprise an essential element of the building addition. These classrooms will host small group instruction along with expanded enrichment programs. The new facility will also include a renovated library with a state-of-the-art media center. The design of the facility will incorporate new uses for existing space. Together these improvements reflect long-term planning for the future needs of our students.



    This is our school, built for us, about us. We hope you choose to join us in our journey to Build A Better Tomorrow.

Last Modified on September 16, 2008