• For the past sixteen years, I have been teaching in the Alpine Public School. Seven years were spent teaching second grade.  During those years I realized the importance of giving my students a solid foundation in reading so that they would become proficient readers and enthusiastic learners.  During that time period, I also completed a Master's Degree in Literacy Education.  This  enabled me to become more of an expert in the field.  When the Alpine School needed a reading teacher for the primary wing,  I thought it best to use my knowledge and experience to help students across those grade levels.  I assist primary grade teachers in their classrooms  by giving reading support to any students in the class that would benefit from it. All of my reading lessons include phonics, vocabulary development, instruction and practice in using reading comprehension strategies, skills, and written responses to text.
    Over the years I also have become  one of the Alpine School's enrichment teachers.  I meet with above level readers in grades one through four for reading enrichment sessions each week.  We read books that they love and do many related projects.  I also meet with kindergarten, first, and second grade classes once a week for enrichment activities. In kindergarten we will be doing author studies.  In first grade we will be having oceanography classes.  In second grade we will be having a solids, liquids, and gas study during the fall months and a class play in the spring.  All of these activities are enjoyed by all.
Last Modified on June 22, 2015