District Goals

Alpine School/District Goals


1. Develop and establish a program that will support students, staff, and parents/caregivers in "Total Wellness".

2. Monitor and revise curriculum to ensure rigor and compliance with the current NJSLS, inclusive of the 2020/revised NJSLS.

3. Sustain fiscal management protocols and encourage cost saving and revenue generating opportunities to meet the needs of our school district.

4. Increase and expand use of strategies, interventions, and opportunities, that promote enrichment and/or remediation to ensure all students achieve at their highest levels; focusing on English-Language Learners, special education and 504 students, at-risk students, and gifted and talented.

5. Develop and establish a five-year technology plan focused on the use, maintenance, and support, of innovative tools that enhance student and professional learning.

6. Streamline and improve communication between the Alpine Public School and entire Alpine community to strengthen the home-school connection.