Lunch Program


There will be 4 Lunch Sessions for the year.

It is advised that you take your student to the vendor to try out an unfamiliar dish before ordering. Changes can not be made to lunch orders.

Go to

AHSA Lunch

(Monday, Wednesday and Friday)

AHSA lunch and pay in the same secure website under "Non-Profit Groups"

8th Grade Activity Fund Lunch

(Tuesday & Thursday)

8th Grade sponsored Tuesday & Thursday lunch is under "School Payments"

REMEMBER to order WATER if your child is not subscribed to milk program

There will be no lunch served on half days

AHSA Lunch Program Volunteer Instructions

Parent Volunteer:

Please make sure you add all AHSA - Categories to your e-alerts under subscriptions on your school website personal profile

Lunch Volunteers Instructions:

1. Volunteers please be present by 11:25AM SHARP.

2. Make sure you pick up the Lunch Program Folder and Attendance Sheet at the front office when you sign in.

3. Do not give out any extra lunches, students come in late to lunch due to a number of reasons.

You will not know if there are extras until the end of the middle school lunch period.

*A student may take their sibling’s lunch who is absent

**4.IMPORTANT: If you CANNOT work your scheduled day, please find someone to fill in for you.

It is YOUR responsibility to find a volunteer to assist the lunch program immediately.

5. IF A VOLUNTEER DOES NOT SHOW UP on their scheduled day 2 TIMES, they will be removed from the list.

This is a major problem which delays the students from getting their lunches.

If you have any questions, please contact the Lunch Volunteer Coordinator,

Elzbieta Zakrzewski

Thank you in advance for all of your time and dedication to our school.