COMMITTEES and CHAIRS 2018 - 2019

Class Parent Coordinator

Sapna JaiN

School Directory

Maryana Beyder

AHSA Webpage

Orlee Fromm and Margo Rosenberg

Lunch Program

Mayumi Ohashi & Ekaterina Gofman

Lunch Volunteers

Elzbieta Zakrzewski

Ice Cream Fundraiser

Ekaterina Gofman & Mayumi Ohashi


Jen Park

School Supplies

Sapna Jain

Library Sign-up

Elzbieta Zakrewski

After School Classes

Ms. Mulvihill

School Pictures

Mei Chan

Playground (Surface)

Liz Davis & Or-Lee Fromm

Halloween Party

Nicole Leoce

Book Fair

Crystal Jin, Michio Suzuki & Sharon Berger


Mrs. Fromm & Mrs. Ibelli-Ferrantelli

Play DVD

Or-Lee Fromm & Margo Rosenberg

Cast Party

Mayumi Ohashi & Jen Park

Field Day

All Class Parents and John Park